The Panoramic Sukkah

If you would like a beautiful Panoramic Sukkah of your own this year, you must place your order by Tuesday September 19, 2017.

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Love, love, love my Panoramic Sukkah and look forward to having it up every year - thank you!!!     - Detroit, MI

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for our amazing Panoramic Sukkah!  It was a Yomtov on a completely different dimension.  It was really incredible sitting here in golus and getting a real taste of Jerusalem and the Bais haMikdash. Thank you so much!     - Monsey, NY

Very happy with how the Panoramic Sukkah turned out; we're getting lots of compliments!  It looks amazing!!!           - Long Island, NY  

I unpacked the Panoramic Succah tonight and hung it up in my dining room to enhance my Seder table.  It looks great and really makes a wonderful impact – thank you!       - New York, NY

Panoramic Sukkah is up -- very cool. I hung some lights while setting up to make it pop at night. Thank You!              - Deerfield, IL

I have been meaning to tell you that the Panoramic Sukkah wrap is awesome.  The kids loved it and can’t wait to use it again next year.  Thanks again!     - Nashville, TN

We absolutely love our wonderful Machane Yehuda Panoramic Sukkah, purchased from you at the Moriah Art Fair last winter.  It is proudly displayed at our home! Thank you and Chag Sameach!     - Glencoe, IL

About Us

Eliyahu Ben Ze'ev

Owner and Creator

Hello, and thanks for stopping by!  My name is Eliyahu Ben Ze’ev Alpern; I am a photographer who specializes in panoramic images of Israel and large format printing.  Walking around Tzfat during Sukkot a few years ago, I had the thought: “How cool would it be to print one of my 360-degree images as the entire inside wall of a Sukkah?!?  As it turns out - pretty cool!  It’s like stepping into your Sukkah and being transported to the Land of Israel!  I am happy to help my customers enhance the beauty and holiness their Sukkot holiday celebrations and bring a bit of Israel to Sukkot all over the globe!  Thanks so much for stopping by, and Happy Sukkot!